Sphere us quicker, cosmic dung beetle!

Daringly surmount the skeletal dunes of spacetime daily!

All buzzing aphid grasses assume windy wingedness, not quite flight but quaintly flapping at leaf plucking atmosphere, like the elfin fieldlings eager giggling say, ‘I will solemnly reveal where ingenious ants milk us. Crawling across once piecemeal snails relieved, they come unbidden hither and thither urgently see, carrying our pseudo-dew from the wildling lawn’s fruitful canopy of a languid morn…’

Probationary paths and paths professional: this is the difference between joyous bird-food and earthworm justice. So watch the butterfly steal transformative beetle thunder! Dragonflies rule the roost. Now electrified clouds uprear, giant centipedes without insect peers, and when suddenly a Sunset Morpho sky, creeping nigh the chrysalis night, therein retro we hide…

In the wink of a lady-like antelopean eye, the lasting pride of the preying lioness is her crippled little child! A tribe’s worth of bones for piercing noses, the lazy maned lion’s plan, the making of man…

Monkey chattering ligers and lassoed zorses are little old we!

Forgetful elephants awaiting cetacean return from the ocean…

© Thomas James Foster 2015


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