The Resurrection of Care

I see you a rainbow phoenix arise…

Alive the flash, a living flare smouldering, molten chains unmade,loosening around your laser wings and unfettered free you fly, now you learn unbarred the new-born beat of your lava heart as the would-be ruby-egg thieves flee, decadent scattered without their dagger wielding swagger, with paltry vengeful pride dim flickering deeply inside their ego imprisoned eyes, the go-getting graspers, the owned uncaring ones, the souls solo…

O you are the waxless candle wounding the deathful creeping dark!On flaming through frozen heavenly gates you go, go, ascending meteoric hope! Whirlpool portals of the future all flung open fearlessly, unto the way faraway unfolding, yea, from the ashes of Earth undone a sibling for the Sun, the Resurrection of Care…

Can you care for the solar whirlwind whipped young planet and its long lost wilderness liberties? For these once fondly skipping seas falling
into an abhorred abyss of radioactivity? Or for the candy floss clouds acidized?
Can you care for the knaves beneath hellish bullet hail in the lampless, luckless,
lawless urban midnight revelry, the never ebbing crime-wave everywhere…?

O care for the shyly waving Tree of Life we passed everyway and
shameless, waves returned not! Go on and watch it gleefully waving and know that it will be
waving still when sapiens rot, know it will be vigorous still when our children’s
children rot, whether they or theirs are wont to wave or not, be sure it will
shed a dancing shadow long upon their waiting graves, long over the graveless
dead and wave…

Care for the nobodies numinous, lost and luminous, alley
ghosts alive ghastly but grimly resolute, gladly reduced thereto, all uplifting
aloud unofficial apocalypses, mute trumpets blaring terror, angels with clipped
wings awry, cryptic silence crying, ‘The
end is nigh…’

O care for our world of parentless playgrounds, too oft
bereft of the daydream pitter-patter of tiny feet. Do you see the haunting,
haunted swings there creaking in the wail tortured wind? Anyway the aching return
to arms, the morbid replanting of minefield flowerbeds, the innocent play of
infant veterans in the nuclear haze…

Care for the undefended overthrown underneath these cruelest scientific tyrannies! Fortify soft-hearted courage to right the wrongs of rationalized
demonic agencies! At last be allied with human nature’s Laws of Love too long
derided and denied, standing up for natural truth on trial in mechanical show
courts of criminal authority…

O rainbow phoenix arise, Resurrection of Care…

O care! I hear the unmatchable harmony of human, humane laughter in
the liberal air! Musical fireworks of distantly exploding despair! Free youth’s amorous
festival yearnings across the streetward greens camped everywhere! I behold outreaching hands given out in pairs, upward and downward swooping with dove tender coos and meeting where real inalienable rights are
lastingly renewed, many brave merry-go-rounds among sown dragon bones dared…

The Resurrection of Care!

© Thomas James Foster 2015